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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 1, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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this is "nbc 10 news" first alert weather. and right now on "nbc 10 news today," storms moving through the area. some of them very strong at times. you can see the wet weather, the line of storms moving through live on first alert radar. live look outside. some spots got the rain overnight. we are expecting more widespread storms later today. however, some of you this morning, isolated. got some very strong rain showers that the area really needed. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today" on this monday, june 1st. i'm chris cato. it is a first alert morning because of some of the showers. let's start with glen hurricane
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schwartz here this morning. >> it is a wet morning in the area. it is the rain that we needed. some of this rain will be too heavy. starting off with the radar estimates of over 3 inches of rain from what fell yesterday and last night in parts of the lehigh valley and the poconos. and you can see as we go into the future there may be a bit of a lull as we go through the morning hours, but we're going to be seeing them redevelop during the afternoon. so we do have a threat of some very heavy rain and some localized flooding from these showers and storms for this afternoon and tonight and again tomorrow. we have a bit of a lull for a portion of the morning but it's not going to stay that way so keep the rain gear with you. "nbc 10's" jesse gary is live in center city with more on the conditions there. jesse? >> reporter: glenn, good morning
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to you. we're experiencing that lull right now. it's just a light rain but it's still enough to coat the schuylkill expressway here both east and westbound. earlier this morning though the rain was really just coming down in sheets almost. we have some video we want to show you. this is kind of the aftermath. there will be areas of roadways where the water is pooling, particularly on the sides of the roadways. you want to bear that in mind and drive slowly. right now we're in a break from the worst of it as glenn said. supposed to pick up later today. the roads are wet so you want to try to slow down a little bit. will let's go to jessica boyington with all of the roads around the delaware valley. good morning, jess. >> good morning, jesse. we are looking at a spot close to where he is now. you can see some road ponding and wet situations here. this is the schuylkill expressway around the vibe streetvine street expressway. give yourself extra time because
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there's a lot of ponding and potentially dangerous and slippery conditions. you can see that taking out part of the lane. as we head out to look at the rest of the drive times, no problems on 95 or the blue route and 95 on the schuylkill expressway. there is a transformer fire out in west conshohocken closing front street east and westbound between bella domingo road. a couple of breaking stories following overnight happening now both of them fires. delaware county live picture here. nine people are out of their homes this morning. they had to evacuate after fire swept through five row homes in chester. this is a live scene in chester. this started around two hours ago on bickley place there. coincidentally coincidentally, one of the row homes affected by the fire caught fire 24 hours earlier.
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investigator are investigators don't know what caused the fire. then new from overnight, we'll get back to another fire. also following a fire montgomery county. we'll get more information on that in just a moment. this is new from overnight. a patriot act change that just went into affect impacts the government's access to your records. four hours ago at midnight a counter terrorism measure expired that allowed the government to collect phone records in bulk. the senate failed to extend that after republican rand paul stood in the way. it's likely to be revised in a matter of days but with changes. we'll have more on the impact at 4:45. secretary of state john kerry is scheduled to return to boston today to get some treatment for his broken lefg. he broke a leg yesterday while bicycling through the french alps. after consulting with doctors he delayed his return to the u.s. a local doctor said he should
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make a full recovery. >> if it's a simple fracture one that doesn't involve a lot of work they can fix relatively easily, he may be in a hospital in a few days be up on his feet walking quickly and may even be back to work and travel within about six weeks. >> kerry had to cancel the rest of his four nation trip including a conference on combatting isis. 4:05 now. from the halls of congress to the streets of delaware the tributes are still pouring in for the late beau biden. tracy, flags of course will fly at half staff in delaware for their native son. >> reporter: chris, the outpouring is a testament to how popular beau biden was, both in washington and his community. the son of vice president joe biden, beau died at the age of 46 after battling brain cancer.
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he was not only a popular politician but decorated iraq war veteran, a member of the national guard and devoted husband and father. >> delaware's a better place because of beau. our country's a better place because of beau and the world is a better place because of beau biden. >> he department want to rest on his laurels and that's why he didn't run for senate. >> funeral arrangements are still being made for biden. he was hospitalized in early may at walter reed medical center. at the time the vice president's office declined to say why he was being treated. live in the digital operations center tracy davidson "nbc 10 news." the bidens are to delaware as the ken disare to massachusetts. beau was a senate to all people in the first state. he went after corporations that ripped off consumers and he worked to protect children from sexual predators. delaware is grieving the man behind the politics seen as a
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regular guy who just went to church every sunday with his family. >> congressman, you go to the gym and see your senator you come to church every sunday and see your governor. >> he was good and oh, yeah he's in politics. >> in 1972 beau was injured in a car crash that killed his mom and baby sister. delawareans have followed the bidens in good times and bad. philadelphia police say a teenager stabbed a man to death over a cell phone. it happened on the 3100 block on berkeley drive in east falls. the teen and man were arguing over the phone when the teen stabbed the guy to death. police are still looking for the young suspect. in the meantime two people are on the loose after they robbed the man and stabbed him to death. the victim parked his car on west 18th street. the victim is in critical condition. the suspects were last seen
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heading to cheltenham. doctors have removed a bullet from a 13-year-old girl who was caught in the cross fire in a shooting in philadelphia. she was sitting on the steps of hero home thursday night. two men were shooting at each other. doctors removed a bullet that went into the girl's right thigh. she's still recovering. police are still looking for the shooters. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn hurricane scharts. >> schwartz. >> and we do have a first alert for the rest of the day and into tuesday. showers and thunderstorms, some of them going to be heavy. localized flooding. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. because the ground has been dry, a lot of rain will wash out and run off and cause more of a flood threat. 70 degrees with some rain right now. philadelphia south southeast at 7 miles an hour. the biggest threat today and
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tonight and tomorrow is going to be the heavy rain. there could be some strong thunderstorms, but the heavy rain is the main threat that i see for the next 24 to 36 hours. only 60 in allentown. 70 in philadelphia. going to be a big temperature contrast from north to south during the day today. we have flood advisories already in effect over several areas. some expire at 5:00. the one in northern delaware expires at 6:15. localized flooding already. thunderstorms moving through. the heaviest stuff is in delaware right now. over the past few hours we continue to see the rain. philadelphia area and into new jersey. the heavy thunderstorms farther to the south. getting a bit of a lull across a good bit of philadelphia and the northern suburbs, but they're really getting pounded here in new castle county, delaware, and that is going to continue. you can see on the radar
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estimated rainfall when you see these colors of red and orange that means there is a lot of rain that is already falling. as we go through the morning you're going to see this lull in the activity. future cast here as we go towards late morning doesn't show much of anything but then all of a sudden it explodes around midday with the heating of the day and extremely humid air mass. some of these showers and storms this afternoon are going to be real heavy. give you an idea of how much rain we might get out of this in the next 48 hours is one of the computer models. you can see 1 to 3 inches of rain locally higher amounts and some computer models show even more rain than that. showers and storms during the day today. some of them heavy. temperatures range from 75 in northern sections to 85 in southern sections. and the seven day forecast more rain tomorrow. only 67 degrees and then it's
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cooled down on wednesday. so a lot of clouds this week, a lot of moisture this week and not nearly as warm as it's been. all right, glenn. 11 minutes after 4:00 right now. if you're driving through the area and you saw some heavy rainfall, prepare for ponding. rushing water, definitely want to watch out for that. "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington will tell you what else you should watch out for. jessica. >> first we're taking a check in new jersey on 295 on the black horse pike where you can see a vehicle drive on through. you can see it misting out from underneath and spraying water everywhere. you can see ponding over in the shoulder and even making its way towards the center lanes. slow going in either direction which is definitely a smart thing to do. even though you can see the drive times are being hardly affected, there's not a lot of volume. 14 minutes southbound from 38 up towards the black horse pike at this point. take your time anyway. heading out the door checking
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the rest of our drive times into the philadelphia area 95 or the schuylkill he can press waykookchuylkill expressway. watching out in west conshohocken for the transformer fire. you can take the schuylkill expressway to get by. we're dealing with up to an hour delay at philadelphia international airport. check it with your airline to see if it affects your commute. today in cape may county a missing child cold case gets some new life. a new tool for police trying to solve a 24 year old mystery. hurricane season starts today. that's not why we called meteorologist hurricane schwartz in today. what we could expect from mother nature over the next few months.
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it's 4:15. funeral services will be held today for the washington d.c. family that was murdered inside their mansion last month. police say the couple, their 10-year-old son and the family's housekeeper were bound, threatened and killed before the house was set on fire. darin wint was charged with the murder. the case of a cape may county child missing for 24 years now is getting new life. the cape may prosecutor's office the middletown police department and the fbi are holding a joint news conference today to announce a partnership for mark himebaugh. he was 11 when he vanished in 1991. today montgomery county we
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have a warning for anyone living near the nuclear plant in limerick. you can expect to hear sirens going off at 2:00. not to worry, it's just a test and it will only last 3 minutes. it's one of two conducted at that facility every year. also today contractors will study the roof and air ducts of a fire house in atlantic city trying to solve a mold issue making firefighters self. the problem is with fire station number 1 at maryland and atlantic avenues. mold is forming on ceilings and air ducts. the firefighter's unit says crews are experiencing shortness of breath high grains and dry eyes. they closed off the living quarters and have set up tents next to the fire station. police in mount pocono are searching for a person who left a dog for dead. on friday a woman found a dog hog tied to a pole in coolbaugh montgomery county. she's being treated for a severe
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case of mange. they're dealing with an overwhelming amount of animal abuse cases lately. new jersey is asking for the public to weigh in on a plan to expand the bear hunting season. in march they approved adding a second six-day hunt in october. they would also make that hunting -- the hunting zone bigger and increase the number of bears that people can kill. right now there's only one bear hunt in december. the public can weigh in on this proposal at a hearing tomorrow night in trenton. 4:17 now. 69 degrees. today in trenton some state lawmakers are making a big push to bring gaming to north jersey. they're holding a news conference later today to talk about that. the big talk is over a proposed casino in jersey city. casino gaming has been restricted to atlantic city since the 1970s. since ac is struggling lawmakers are fighting that proposal. atlantic city isn't relying only on casinos.
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today the meade yes gets a sneak peek at what's called the playground. a redevelopment project set for what was the pier shop at caesars. they will enter one stop shopping in entertainment, dining and shopping. the main focus will be t street which will feature clubs and live music. the playground is expected to open 4th of july weekend. ten people are recovering from some minor injuries this morning after an air conditioner fell several stories in new york city. the unit fell from a crane and crashed onto the ground in manhattan yesterday. it sheared off the side of a 30 story building as it fell. the crane was lifting the unit to the top floor when the cable snapped. eight pedestrians and two construction workers were hit by flying debris but thankfully everyone is okay. wow. and 75 years of racing history was brought crumbling to the ground over the weekend in southern california. the hollywood park racetrack
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grandstands were cleared to make way for a $2 billion stadium, entertainment and residential complex. that track was built in 1938. it closed two years ago. schools across nepal are back open now after last month's deadly earthquake that killed more than 8600 people. no formal classes were planned when most of the schools went back into session yesterday. students were getting reoriented. officials say around 8,000 schools were damaged during the initial earthquake and subsequent tremors. unicef has built temporary replacement schools by using local material like bamboo. here at home the atlantic hurricane season begins today. forecasters are calling for a below normal season but they're warning everyone along the coast against getting complacent. officials warn it takes landfall from one hurricane to cause disaster as we all know. now is the time to check your homeowner's policy. hurricane season runs to the end
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of november. nor flooding concerns in texas. dallas specifically after the wettest month there on record in texas. at least 30 people died because of flooding. as the hardest hit areas begin to dry out, some streets that have been closed or are still closed could affect morning traffic in dallas. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for north jersey and new york city through 11:00 a.m. this morning. this is associated with the bands of storm that are bringing rain to our area. heavy downpours causing flooding throughout parts of newark yesterday. crews were called in to assist stranded motorists. no reports of injuries there. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather with meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz. >> all of that rain is the reason that we have a first alert that is for the rest of the day and into tomorrow because of those showers and storms with some locally very heavy rain and even flooding in some areas. we already have some flood
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advisories. that's just the beginning because there's going to be a whole lot more rain before this system moves out. 70 degrees right now. the wind is light out of the south southeast. the temperatures range from 56 in mount pocono to 70 in philadelphia. now we hit 92 degrees yesterday. the first 90 degree temperature and the hottest so far. we're not going to get near that or tomorrow. we continue to see the flood advisories, the one in bucks county and much of the philadelphia corridor. only until 5:00 a.m. in northern delaware. that's until 6:15. that's the area that's really getting hit hard. you can see this pretty obviously on the wide view but you can also see some dryer air coming in from the west. here we are in new castle county the lightning in here. the red and dark red indicating
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very heavy rain coming through glasgow, delaware newark city. localized flooding with that, no doubt about it. you requestcan see a little bit dryer air around the pennsylvania turnpike. there will be more showers coming through, but there may be a lull which then goes into the afternoon and then things start to pick up again. the showers and storms some of them heavy. 75 for the high in northern sections. 85 in the south. going to be quite a contrast across the area. then for tomorrow it is cool. we have more rain chance of some more localized flooding especially in the morning. then another cool day along wednesday. a lot of clouds this week. chances for showers and then we warm up late in the week. glenn, 4:22 now. again, some heavy rain for parts of the area. you want to watch for ponding on
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the roads. "nbc 10's" first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington was watching some of the rainfall on her camera. jessica? >> chris, we definitely have some different spots. you can cisse veer ponding in the area. cars traveling through. slowed down by that scene on 95. around broad street you can see roadways definitely wet in that area. not a lot of volume on roads. woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, 13 minute drive but you can take longer than that so we know you're being careful and heading out of the area. towamencin an accident. use caution. police activity on the scene right through the area. over on the schuylkill expressway you can see rain falling in the area here. this is around the con show hawk ken curve. eastbound or westbound, 13 or 12 minute drive time. the phillies have a day off today, much needed day off after a rough weekend against the
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rockies. they'll be back at the ballpark for a cause. they're trying to strike out a deadly disease through a fan favorite at the phillies festival. the oldest woman to ever complete a marathon. wow.
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4:26. 59 degrees. showers passing through philadelphia right now. happening today, the phillies have the day off from baseball but they're not taking a day off from helping the community. a live look at the ballpark where the phillies festival strike out als. the team will be at the ballpark later today signing autographs for fans. there's also a silent auction. you can even have a chance to
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throw in the bullpen like your favorite phillies pitchers. the fun fires up at 4:30 this afternoon. tickets are still available. don't worry about today's chances of rain because the festival will happen rain or shine. the phillies will be there. how about this one? if you're needing some motivation to get up and exercise this morning, look no further than this. a 92-year-old two-time cancer survivor is now the oldest woman ever to complete a marathon. harriette thompson of north carolina ran the san diego rock and roll marathon in 7:24:36. not only is she 92 that's not a bad time. she was running to raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society and for her son who was recently diagnosed cancer. wow. now your "nbc 10" first alert weather. >> take a look at this radar. you can see a lot of rain in new jersey, all across philadelphia area but the heaviest rain is in new castle county, delaware. heavy rain.
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lots of lightening. localized flooding going on there. a bit of a break but storms will return as will the forecast.
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"nbc 10" breaking news. we are following breaking news this morning in chester where nine people are out of their home after an overnight fire. here is a live picture from the scene. we are working to get details about how this started. also this morning, we're watching these storms move through the area on first alert radar. some of you got drenched several inches rain. >> here's a live look outside. some areas dodged the weather. we're expecting widespread


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